Vladimir Solovyov is a vile propagandist, Putin's henchman and supporter of the "Russian World". This “World” inevitably comprises: anti-Americanism, myth-making and false history, total corruption, stupefying the people with pseudo-patriotism, military rhetoric, aggression against other countries, occupation of the territories of neighboring States. However, it is worth noting that Solovyov is not a blind follower of the Kremlin regime. He just realized at the right moment, how to make money in a country where free journalism is out of favor. His biography just proves this.

From 1999 to 2001, Vladimir Solovyov worked for NTV and ORT, while these channels were still completely independent from the Putin’s regime. During the defeat of NTV by the Kremlin gang, he supported other journalists, and fled with them from the channel occupied by Gazprom. He moved to work for the independent TV-6. In 2002, TV-6 was reorganized TVS, where Vladimir Solovyov conducted two political programs: "Look who came!" (topical interviews with Russian politicians, including opposition) and "Duel" — TV debates between two guests of the studio. This channel was also soon defeated by Putin.

In 2003, Vladimir Solovyov returned to NTV, which by that time was already under the Kremlin's control. The journalist began to adapt to the new rules of the game: starting from that moment, he gradually turned from an average journalist into a rabid propagandist unquestioningly fulfilling any political order: from inflating military hysteria to creating Vladimir Putin’s cult of personality.

In August 2010, he moved to VGTRK, and in 2012 he started his author's program "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" on "Russia-1". On this program his talent of a false propagandist flourished: the program is saturated with anti-Ukrainian, militaristic and chauvinistic propaganda, lies, that the world has not seen since Goebbels times.

In 2015, Solovyov interviewed Putin, which served as the basis for the further development of the cult of personality of the uncultured and poorly educated dictator in the propagandistic “documentary” called “The President”. The culmination of sucking up to the so-called leader occurred in 2018, when the pseudo-journalist began to conduct the program “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin.” In it, he in ecstasy describes the "successes and victories" of Russia under the guidance of Putin.

Vladimir Solovyov possesses the “writer” talent: bookstores’ shelves of are littered with garbage under catchy names: “Putin. A guide for the concerned”, “We are Russian! God is with us!”, “Putin – Medvedev. What's next?” and other. All the same propaganda — boring and stupid.

Years of service: 2003 — nowadays;

Official position: Propagandist;

Official title:

Official ideology: Propaganda, serving to the power, money-making

Unofficial title:

Quotes and sayings:Introduce yourself, scum”; “I always know exactly what I'm doing. I am deeply convinced that I am a genius”; “And what a freak are you to ask?”;

Results of service: Personal enrichment against the background of stupefying the people with pseudo-patriotism, a Villa in Italy, bought on the salary of a propagandist, costed Solovyov 4.5 million euros and is registered on Honor international LLC;

Pros of service:

Vladimir Soloviev. A Brief Chronology of Service

Year 2003: The beginning of propaganda service;

Year 2012: Promotion and serving to the regime, start of the program “Sunday evening”;

Year 2013: Opposes the annexation of Crimea;

Year 2014: Supports the occupation of Crimea, awarded the Order of Alexander Nevsky for propaganda activities (“fair coverage of the annexation of Crimea”), conducts unbridled propaganda of military hysteria and anti-Ukrainian sentiment, anti-American hysteria;

Year 2015: Solovyov’s phrase “Introduce yourself, scum” becomes an Internet meme, the creation of the movie “The President”, whitening of Vladimir Putin in different TV shows;

Year 2017: During the broadcast of the radio program “Full contact” calls for the occupation of the Baltic States, purchases luxury real estate;

Year 2018: further develops the cult of Putin's personality in the TV show “Moscow. Kremlin. Putin”;

Vladimir Soloviev. A Detailed Chronology of Service

Year 2013: Vladimir Solovyov spoke against the “return” of Crimea to Russia: “the Return of Crimea to Russia? God forbid! You want to fight with Ukraine?”. In four months, he will completely altered his point of view and supported the occupation of Crimea, becoming an even greater supporter of the criminal policy of the Putin’s regime. Solovyov is one of those who destroy independent journalism in Russia.

Year 2014: Support for the occupation of Crimea and Putin's criminal regime. In his author's program "Evening with Vladimir Solovyov" pseudo-journalist inflated anti-Ukrainian and anti-American hysteria. Thanks to the unbridled propaganda, that took place in his program, the Russians began to hate the Ukrainian people. According to the opinion of many independent observers, this propaganda campaign surpassed the Soviet rhetoric in terms of falseness and the degree of its bearers ' roughness.

Along with 300 other journalists, he was awarded the Order of Merit for the Fatherland for "fair coverage of events in Crimea", a year before that he was awarded the Order of Honor in the Kremlin. Honorary propagandist.

Year 2015: In the social network Twitter Solovyov was asked to explain the expensive watch of his daughter. To this he rudely replied: “Introduce yourself, scum!”. After such words, the aggressively-touchy propagandist shouldn't appear every evening on the Russian TV at the expense of taxpayers.

Created a cult of personality of Vladimir Putin in the documentary “The President”, based on his interview with the Russian dictator. Vladimir Solovyov communicated with the man who seized power in Russia tenderly and obsequiously. A journalist should not interview in such format — it is a crime against journalism.

Year 2016: The propagandist commented his words about “the impossibility of returning the Crimea” on Twitter: “We did not occupy the Crimea. The Crimeans made the decision themselves.

Year 2017: Vladimir Solovyov, responding to criticism of Russia and Vladimir Putin, spoke in support of the occupation of the Baltic States. He also made several racist statements against the Baltic people. In particular, he called the listener an unfinished Nazi and made an inappropriate remark about the persecution of Jews in the Baltic republics.

According to the investigation of the Anti-Corruption Foundation Navalny, the property of the Kremlin propagandist Vladimir Solovyov comprises several elite houses, including in Italy. The total cost of real estate is about 1 billion rubles. Even a well-paid position of a propagandist does not allow you to buy such an expensive property without left-wing schemes and corruption. According to Navalny's investigation, Vladimir Solovyov bought an apartment from the Moscow City Hall in an elite house on Dolgorukovskaya for 2.5 million rubles. The real value of the property is around 13 million rubles.

Vladimir Soloviev. Gallery

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