Prior to his election as President of Turkey, Recep Erdogan gained vast experience in political and administrative work in various positions, such as the mayor of Istanbul.

The 2014 elections were free, but Erdogan's victory was won by a minimum number of votes.

Immediately after the elections, Erdogan began to strengthen personal power. His views on the state structure of Turkey differ from the traditions laid down by the founder of the Republic Kemal Ataturk. Erdogan stands for greater Islamization of the main state public institutions, he is a supporter of populist policies and does not accept Western democratic values such as freedom of speech.

After coming to power, Erdogan’s party (Justice and Development Party) passed legislation strengthening the influence of religion (Islam) in the school and higher education system, which was a clear retreat from the principles of Ataturk. Erdogan and his supporters explain the strengthening of Islam by "the historical traditions of the Turkish people».

The attempt to overthrow Erdogan made in July 2016 was suppressed by the security forces and the army loyal to the President, but did not solve Turkey’s main problems. Erdogan's party and the political forces loyal to him have been pursuing a policy of Islamization and abandoning the principles of a democratic and secular state established by Ataturk since coming to power. Since 2013, peaceful demonstrations in Turkey have been constantly suppressed, freedom of speech has been restricted, teachers and professors have been accused of treason and prosecuted by the police. This exactly was opposed by a group of military, which, unfortunately, was not supported by any sane force within the country, or the flabby European bureaucracy, or the United States.

As a result, Erdogan's police force not only unleashed repression against the direct putch participants, but also against all political opponents. Meanwhile, Erdogan's regime is becoming more authoritarian, and Turkey itself is becoming a major issue for NATO and the United States.

The short-sighted and primitive policy of the West, drowned in a false understanding of democratic procedures and pseudo-tolerance, reveling in its own greatness, leads to the degradation of democracy in many countries of the world, the heyday of corruption and authoritarianism. The example of Turkey gives us food for thought!

In 2017, thanks to the efforts of Erdogan’s regime, a nationwide referendum switched Turkey's parliamentary system to a presidential one, granting broad powers of the head of state, and weakening of moderation and mitigation provided by other branches of power.

Strengthening of Erdogan's power contributed to the growth of economic problems, which indicate the inability of the regime to adequately respond to a particular crisis. Moreover, Erdogan is a staunch anti-Semite.

Years of rule: 2014 — present time;

Official position occupied: President;

Official title:

Official ideology: Nationalism, Pan-Turkism, Islamism

Unofficial title:

Quotes and sayings: «Turkey will not be run from a house in Pennsylvania (Home of Fetullah Gulen).», «The mosques are our barracks, the domes our helmets, the minarets our bayonets and the faithful our soldiers…»;

Level of tyranny: Average;

Influence on democracy: Negative;

Results of the reign: Persecution of political opponents, Attacks on journalists, Corruption, Rejection of secularism, Erosion of democratic foundations, Censorship and media control, Extrajudicial arrests, Torture in prisons, Denial of medical care for prisoners;

Pros of the reign:Infrastructural projects, Financial reform of 2005;

Evil Rating — x.xx/10

Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Brief Chronology of the Reign

2014: Elected President of Turkey, Corruption in the government;

2015: Persecution of scientists and University professors;

2016 год: Failed coup d'état; Persecution of journalists, scientists, teachers; Rejection of the secular nature of education; Arrests of judges and teachers; Defeat of printing houses and the media, Blocking of Internet resources, Attacks of Erdogan's supporters on Christian churches;

2017 год: Wikipedia blocked In Turkey, the Referendum supported the strengthening of the Executive power, Turkey has become a presidential Republic;

2018 год: A new wave of dismissals of regime’s opponents;


Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Detailed Timeline Of The Reign

2014: Erdogan received 51.79% of the vote in the presidential election, thus becoming the 12th President of Turkey []

The Media accused a number of Ministers in Erdogan’s government of corruption. [POLITICO]

2015: Erdogan's government accused a number of professors and teachers of the country's universities of high treason, a number of scientists suspended from work, some of them left Turkey [POLITICO]

2016: On 15th-16th of July, a group of military attempted to overthrow President Erdogan. The reason for the military's intervention was the policy of Erdogan and his supporters, aimed at strengthening Islamism in domestic politics, increasing pressure on human rights, freedom of the press and the foundations of the state laid down by Ataturk [POLITICO]

Mass repressions against citizens disloyal to the regime. Under the guise of fighting the consequences of the military coup, almost 120 thousand people arrested at various times, including 2,745 judges, more than 10,000 military. More than 160,000 people lost their jobs: 15,000 of them belonged to the state education system, and 21,000 were teachers in private schools. [BBC, Reuters, CNN]

Almost half of the army officers were repressed, in particular, 163 generals and admirals were arrested by the security service of the regime. [JOL]

Following the best traditions of authoritarian and dictatorial regimes, Erdogan accused Western countries of organizing and supporting the military coup.

He stated: «This coup attempt has actors inside Turkey, but its script was written outside. Unfortunately, the West is supporting terrorism and stands by coup plotters». [Telegraph]

International organization "reporters without borders" called Erdogan "the enemy of freedom of the press." The President of Turkey ended up in one row with N. Madura of Venezuela, Vladimir Putin of Russia, the Korean dictator Kim and the Chinese leader XI Jinping. [DW]

2017: Stockholm Freedom Center (Sweden) published a report stating that the coup of 2016 was organized by Erdogan himself and was to serve as a pretext for strengthening personal power and dealing with the opposition, especially potent in the army and University environment. [SCF]

Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Gallery

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