July 1, about 20:30 a fire broke out at the Russian nuclear submarine station "Losharik" resulting in the death of 14 submariners. People died from poisoning by combustion products. The accident became known only the next day. The Ministry of Defense reported that the tragedy took place in the territorial waters of Russia during bathymetric measurements.

«Losharik» (АС-12) — Russian deep-sea nuclear unarmed submarine able to dive, according to some reports, to a depth of 6000 meters. According to the US intelligence, AC-12 is a military device designed to destroy underwater infrastructure, in particular communication cables. The device is capable of being submerged in most of the world's oceans. "Losharik" can move along the ocean floor with the help of wheels. There is an analogue of the AC-12 in the US, where the same possibility is realized, but the American device NR-1 has a lower depth of submersion.

Russian submarine fleet during the reign of Vladimir Putin

Since the beginning of the reign of dictator Vladimir Putin, 12 catastrophes have occurred in the Russian submarine fleet, resulting in the death of 164 people. The most notorious tragedy happened on 12th of August 2000 with the “Kursk” submarine, which killed all 118 crew members. During the drill, at approximately 11:30 a.m., a torpedo exploded on "Kursk". The commander of the Northern Fleet Vyacheslav Popov, who was on the heavy nuclear missile cruiser "Peter the Great", felt the deck shudder and heard a clap from the speakers, but did not take any action and quietly left the cruiser. The submarine’s disappearance was announced only in the evening. "Kursk" was found only after 31 hours.

Despite the fatal negligence of the admirals, the sailors could still be saved: people were still submitting SOS signals, which were clearly audible on the "Peter the Great". However, the management decided to carry out the rescue operation on their own, declining international help. From the 13th to the 20th of August, the Northern fleet took unsuccessful efforts to go down to the sunken submarine. Only on the 20th of August the Norwegians were allowed to start rescuing, the next day divers from "Seaway Eagle" were able to open the submarine’s aft escape hatch, but it was already way too late.

Vladimir Putin on the death of "Kursk" ironically and with a smile said: "It drowned", he also called the widows of submariners "hired prostitutes."

August 30, 2003, K-159 sank while being towed for disposal. 9 people were killed.

November 14, 2004, a 19-year-old sailor died during repair work on the submarine K-223 "Podolsk".

September 6 2006, a fire broke out in the electromechanical compartment of the boat B-414 "Daniel of Moscow". The accident happened in the Barents Sea. Midshipman Shabanov and contract sailor Etuyev died as a result of carbon monoxide poisoning.

November 8, 2008, unauthorized operation of the fire extinguishing system took place on the nuclear submarine K-152 "Nerpa". The maximum permissible concentration of freon was exceeded 300 times in the 2nd compartment. Oxygen masks were put on, but some of them did not work. 20 people became victims of Russian sloppiness.

Vladimir Putin in his fear of coup deliberately turns the Army and the Navy into a group of amateurs and degenerates

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