President’s Press Secretary Dmitry Peskov, answering journalists' questions, called the US elections an internal affair of Russia. Putin's henchman and a latent citizen of France made a Freudian slip. Subject to the Kremlin, the so-called "elite" (in fact: Soviet vermin, which managed to rob the country) has long been living in the West and is concerned only about the problems of the US, France and the UK.

However, the trumpet of the Kremlin says what the Leader thinks: his secret desires and fantasies. Vladimir Putin considers himself the Great Ruler of the Great Empire, so he thinks exclusively about geopolitics and the division of the world, as befits the greatest statesman of all time. However, his manic politics doesn’t cause West’s awe and horror, but rather laughter and irony. Creation of numerous comedy shows, cartoons and serials, where Putin acts like a comical character rather than a great ruler, confirms this.

Dmitry Peskov acknowledged Russia's interference in the American elections, moreover, he recognized this as the main problem of Russia. Not the total impoverishment of the population, not the lack of quality medicine, not the rapid artificial stupefaction of the people caused by pseudo-patriotism, not the systematic corruption, which literally penetrated all spheres of the country, not the collapse of science and industry. No. The main internal issue of Putin’s Russia is American presidential election. The Leader himself never won fair elections in Russia, never ever has he even took part in political debates.

Us Special Prosecutor Robert Mueller officially announced the intervention of Russia in the US elections, but acknowledged its insignificance. That’s more like it: the only superpower cannot be influenced by the dried-up but still fluttering Soviet Empire. Americans need to worry more about the growing power of China, but not about the crooks and thieves, whose only principle is to steal even more money and legalize it in the West.

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