All illegal charges against Ivan Golunov were dropped. This became possible due to the overlapping of the interests of civil society and the KOCG (Kremlin organized crime group). According to some reports, Vladimir Putin was extremely outraged that the clumsy detention of a famous investigative journalist happened during the St. Petersburg Economic Forum, where the Tzar was to be the main character, and the fact is, that all the media wrote and talked exclusively about Golunov.

Today, on the Day of Russia, there is a rally on Chistoprudny Boulevard in Moscow demanding to bring to justice those who falsified the case against the journalist of "Medusa" Ivan Golunov. The authorities of Moscow declared the action uncoordinated and thus illegal. However, the main law of the country, the Constitution of the Russian Federation, allows for mass protests, but the criminal Putin’s regime has never been stopped by such trifles.

According to an independent news outlet "Mediazone", OMON (riot police) and the National Guard massively detain protesters, using special means: batons and water cannons are being used against the participants of the Golunov March.

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