Bee Relocation Services

Bee Relocation Services

Bee Relocation Services

Bees play a critical role in the ecosystem but also pose a threat to human beings. Humane bee relocation services preserve the life and important ecological role that these tiny insects play in the environment while taking into account the safety of the human population.

How Does Bee Removal And Relocation Work?

Bee relocation starts by tranquilizing the bees by using a gas which reduces the amount of oxygen that the bees absorb making them sleepy. In the past, smoke was used to produce this effect. The gas, smoke and lack of oxygen does not harm or kill the bees. It only stuns them for a short period to reduce the risk of swarming and stinging which they will do to protect their hive and queen.

The entire hive or comb will then be removed and relocated along with the sleepy bees to a more desirable location. Bee relocation specialists will either keep the bees to add to their own collective in order to produce honey and beeswax for commercial purposes. Alternatively, they will sell the bees for agricultural purposes where they will be used to pollinate crops.

When Is Bee Relocation A Viable Option?

Humane bee removal and relocation is not always a suitable option. A beekeeper or bee removal specialist will assess the risk and complications involved with using humane relocation methods. Should the risk be too high or the removal process to complicated, other methods may be employed to eliminate the bees rather than to remove and relocate them.

The bee removal specialist will take into consideration the following factors when deciding whether relocation is a safe option:

– The location of the swarm, comb or hive. If the hive is locate inside a structure (such as inside the walls of a home or other building), humane bee removal is often not an option.
– The size of the swarm, comb or hive. The greater the amount of bees, the greater the threat that they pose.
– The species of bees. Some species, like Africanized Honeybees are more aggressive than other bees and are therefore more likely to attack. This presents a greater risk making relocation an unsafe option.
– The environment. If the bees present a risk to the general public or are located in urban areas, removal and relocation can present a greater risk than elimination.

The beekeeper will always weigh up the risks relative to the benefits of providing a relocation service rather that eliminating the bees. If possible, the bees will be saved.

Other Bee Removal Options

Bee elimination involves the use of pesticides or toxic chemical to permanently eliminate the bees. This is a highly effective method but is not humane and is also harmful to the environment as well as humans, pets and other wildlife or insects.

Bee relocation is far safer for everyone (including the bees) involved if the removal and the relocation process is conducted professionally by a bee removal specialist. It is not recommended to attempt to remove and/or relocate bees without the expertise and skills of an experienced beekeeper or bee removal specialist.

Bee Removal Experts

The Advantages of Hiring Bee Removal Experts

If you suspect a bee infestation in your home and would like to get rid of bees, it is good to consider hiring bee removal experts instead of doing it all by yourself. There are many benefits of hiring experts to get rid of bees as soon as you realize that bees have invaded your home. These benefits include:

Bee Removal Specialists Know How To Get Rid of Bees Effectively
Bee removal experts have sophisticated equipment to get rid of bees. They also know the techniques to use when getting rid of bees. These two things enable them to get rid of bees in the best way possible. So, if you want to get the results you are expecting when it comes to bee removal, hire bee removal specialists to do the job. Apart from doing the job effectively, bee removal specialists can do bee removal in a timely due to their knowledge and skills in bee removal.

These Experts Know How to Remove Bees Even In Hard-to-Reach Places
Sometimes, bees build their nests in voids like hollow walls, vents, and crawl spaces and it may be hard for you to remove bees from these hard-to-reach places. Experts know how to remove the nests in these hard to reach places without damaging the part of the building structure affected. If you do it all by yourself, you may do more harm than good as you may not know how to remove the nest like a professional.

These Experts Know How Remove Bees Safely
Bee removal specialists know the ins and outs of bee removal as they have dealt with bees before. As such, they can ensure that the removal is done safely. Keep in mind that one wrong move can cause bees to attack humans and animals. So, for overall safety when removing bees, look for experienced and skilled bee removal specialists are trained on safety protocols when it comes to bee removal.

Hiring Bee Removal Professionals Can Help You Save Money
If you decide to do bee removal all by yourself, you will have to buy protective equipment to protect you from bee stings. However, if you hire bee removal specialists, you will not have to buy the equipment or any other equipment used to get rid of bees. This can help you save a lot of money as protective equipment is costly.

In addition, bee removal specialists know how to get rid of bees once and for all hence saving you money. On the other hand, if you do the job all by yourself, you may fail to deter them from coming back. Therefore, you could end up spending more to keep getting rid of these insects from time to time.

As you can see, there are many benefits of hiring bee removal experts to get rid of bees. However, remember that you can only enjoy these benefits if you hire experienced and skilled experts. That is why it is a good idea to take your time when looking for bee removal experts.

Bee Removal Near Me

Factors To Consider When Choosing Bee Removal Near Me

Bee removal is one of the most complex and risky home maintenance tasks. This is especially so if you don’t have adequate knowledge and/or the proper equipment required for safe and effective bee removal. If your home or business has been invaded by bees, then you definitely want the issue addressed as soon as possible. However, this isn’t a project that you can do on your own. Removing bees from your property can be a challenging process and if not done right, the risks of suffering injuries or damaging your property are always high. This is why bee removal requires the services of a professional bee removal company.

However, finding the best bee removal near me can be quite challenging as there are a number of things that you have to consider. Don’t just settle for the first company you come across with the sign bee removal. Remember, as mentioned earlier, bee removal is a complex task, and to ensure that the issue is fully resolved you need the right people on the job. Otherwise, you will be left dealing with issue again and again and incurring unnecessary costs.

The following are a few tips on how to choose the best bee removal near me.

1. Experience

When looking for a bee removal company, one of the top most considerations is how long they have been in business. To ensure that your problem is fully resolved, you need to choose a company that has a highly experienced staff. Remember that handling bees can be very dangerous and if they are not properly removed, they will surely return. An experienced team will know exactly what to do to ensure that the bees are removed from your property and for good.

2. Proper Licensing and Insurance

This is a very crucial factor to consider. You need to ensure that the company you choose is fully certified. You should ask to see their license. By working with a company that has proper licensing, you can be sure that they have met all the industry requirements and that they will offer you the best service.

Additionally, you need to ensure that the company has proper and current insurance. Considering that the technicians will be working within your property, you need to ensure that they carry liability insurance. Liability insurance protects you from any lawsuits in case of any injuries.

3. Safe Products and Services

When carrying out a bee removal project, it is important to ensure that the people and property around that area aren’t affected. Additionally, if needed the company should utilize techniques that ensure that the bees aren’t harmed. Go for a company that utilizes safe treatment options and products. Most of the DIY bee removal products available on the market are harmful to the environment, thus it is important to ensure that the company only utilizes environmentally friendly products.

4. Fair Pricing

While you shouldn’t rush for the cheapest bee removal company you find, you need to find a company that offers quality services at an affordable price. The company should provide you with a detailed estimate listing all the services required and their respective costs. This also helps to avoid incurring unexpected additional costs later on. By comparing the quotes of at least three companies, you will be able to settle on the best one.

Bee Removal Services

The Importance Of Professional Bee Removal Services

Bees are great as long as they do not pose a threat. At times bees may make a hive in your home especially, in the ceiling or in trees that are near the house. This is dangerous as they may sting once you disturb them, so professional bee removal is advisable. Once you spot a bee or two in your property, the best decision you can make is calling professional bee removal services to conduct an inspection, find out where the hives are and eliminate the bees safely.

We are a bee removal company that does bee removal for clients that call us. We have plenty of experience in bee removal, so we do the job efficiently ensuring that no one gets stung by the bees during the process.

Why Hire Professionals?

This is the top reason for getting professionals to do the work. We have the skills needed to ensure the removal goes smoothly and that nobody around the property or pets get stung. Bees are very aggressive once they feel threatened, and removing their hive is a threat to them. This is why we advise any property owner struggling with a bee infestation to call us and have the experts do the job.

Prevents Structural Damage
Bees can make hives in areas like walls or chimneys. That means getting them out without causing considerable damage to the property is challenging. Choosing a professional removal service like ours means that you will not have to deal with any damage and if any occurs, we will finance the repairs. The honeycombs need to be removed completely so that the bees do not return. If this cannot be done without taking down part of the property, then it is inevitable that structural damage will occur. Thankfully, with professionals, you can be guaranteed that the damage will be fixed once the removal process is over.

For Bee Proofing
Bee proofing means ensuring that the weaknesses in the structure that led to the bees making a hive is done away with. In the many years, we have done the job we often see bees return to a previous site if it is still accessible. Bee proofing means that you will not have to deal with bees repeatedly infesting your property. We are well-versed with various bee proofing methods and do this for the customers that need it.

Why Choose Us
Licensed And Insured
We know how to handle bees because we have skills to do the job. We also know the best methods to remove swarms without hurting the bees. Our staff is professional and they know how to remove bees from any property no matter how challenging the location of the swarm is. In addition to that, we have insurance for worker’s liability and damage to the property so that our clients do not have to pay more.

Specialized Equipment
Our bee removal services are done in a professional way, which is why we have invested in the best techniques and tools to ensure that the bees are removed successfully.

Call us today and get efficient bee removal for your property.

Bee Relocation

What You Need To Know About Bee Relocation and Pest Control

Bee relocation involves moving hives that contain live bees from one place to another. Relocating bees involves protecting the hive and the bees. Professional relocations involve trained and qualified pest control specialists that have experience in safely and humanely removing bee hives from homes and businesses.

Relocating A Swarm Or Colony Of Bees

When moving beehives from one location to another, there are a few factors that need to be considered. The main considerations include reducing any stress placed on the swarm of bees and to avoid unpleasant surprises.

General Tips For Relocating Bees

Most bee removal experts will usually not suggest trying to relocate a beehive during the day. After sunset or before the sun rises is a better option since the bees are usually less active at these times and in most cases, they have all returned to the hive. Many of the worker foraging bees will be lost if you try to relocate a hive during daylight hours.

It is also important to try and avoid relocating a hive on hot or warm days. The ideal temperature range is usually between 7°C and 16°C. If the bees have been relocated to another location on a warm or hot day, they will start to look for water. Condensation present in a hive will only build-up in lower temperatures and this is used as the bees water source. On hot or warm days the bees are forced to look for water outside of the hive.

Before bee removal experts move a hive they will ensure that the bees are unable to escape during transport. The two methods generally used are flywire screens or closing the entrance off with duct tape (only used in cool weather and when the hive is well-ventilated).

On arrival at another location, the bee removal technician will use a stand to make sure the hive is not touching the ground. This ensures that there is enough air-circulation and preserves the wood. Moisture is among the largest enemies for hives and bees.

How Do Bee Removal Experts Relocate Bees?

When a bee nest or hive is found, the very first step in the process for bee relocation is to establish the size and complexity involved to remove the bees. This may involve pulling back carpets, drilling into drywall, or any other type of light demolition. From here the bee removal technician will formulate a plan for the extraction of the bees.

During the process of removing bees, they are usually vacuumed into a storage bin. The hive will then be removed along with the honeycombs. The combs are then transplanted onto a frame inside the beehive box.

The hives are usually moved to a safe location or bee farms where they can continue to thrive in an area where they are safe and away from humans. After removing the bees, your home will be sealed and repaired to prevent new bees from building a nest in or around your home. Relocating bees is a humane and eco-friendly method to remove bees from places where they may be a danger to humans.